BizModel 8 Ch 2,4 GHz Radio System

BizModel 8 Ch 2,4 GHz Radio System - Trasmittente + Ricevente 8 Ch - 2,4 GHz

Radiocomando 8 Ch 2,4 Ghz computerizzato con programmi per Aerei, Elicotteri, Alianti. Grande display LCD retroilluminato, trim digitali e 9 modelli in memoria.

Confezione contenente:
- 1 x Tasmittente 8 Ch 2,4 Ghz - 1 x Ricevente 8 Ch 2,4 Ghz - 1 x Portastilo per TX

Main features:
- digital trim
- center point adjustment
- 9 model memory
- end point adjustment
- servo revering
- 6 character model name
- dual rates
- throttle cut, hold

- Digital Synthesis .There is no need to replace crystal; Automatic frequency selection to avoid interference with other communications.
- Automaticly scanning receivers, High sensitivity and high-performance anti-jamming combination.
- PCM 1024, high accuracy and large range , jumping to the total elimination of drift and rudder problems.
- Large-screen liquid crystal display with backlight. Through the user interface settings menu, you can adjust all parameters, Programming give the possibility to control a variety of aircraft types.
- And the proportion of action to respond to manipulation of any adjustable curve. Can switch in flight, will also be able to meet the needs of learners with special needs.
- User programmable mixed-control mode To meet the exigence of variety types of helicopters. In case of airplanes possibility of controlling V-shaped tail, Delta-wing, as well as other special needs to control the model.
- 9 memory storage
- Fail safe setting
- Throttle cut

- Transmitter: T810 PCM1024, 2,4 GHz
- Modulation mode: DSSS Operating system: 2 stick, 8 channel system
- Power consumption: 300 mA
- Receiver: R810 8 channels receiver of DSSS system receiving on 2.4GHz band

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